Rwanda Gospel Stars Live: Six selected to represent Eastern Province

By Joseline Gasengayire 

Six contestants were selected to represent Eastern province as the Rwanda gospel stars live event unfolded in Kayonza district on Saturday, May 11.

The contestant turnout in Kayonza was notably lower compared to the Western and Northern provinces, with only 16 individuals registering for the auditions.

Nonetheless, those who turned up, showed up with determination and readiness to go the extra mile to exhibit their talents.

Among them, six were chosen to represent at the national level and these included: Aimable Manzi, Ange Chloe Imanirafasha, Jean Claude Tuyishime, Jean Damascene Rusingizandekwe, Naome Ingabire, and Lillian Urungano.

Following the auditions, the selected nominees expressed gratitude and joy for advancing to the next stage. They shared with the Gospel Time their strategies for success and their plans for the upcoming contest sessions. They conveyed appreciation for their achievements and outlined their aspirations for the forthcoming rounds.

 Manzi, an experienced individual who performs in rap and traditional styles, said that adhering to the rules and regulations provided before performances was crucial for his selection in the auditions.

He shared his intention of enhancing the perception of rap music and contributing to dispelling certain stereotypes, noting that he would do this by participating in transforming the image of rap, aligning it more closely with positive values within the gospel sphere.

 Janviere Ayinkamiye, who accompanied her daughter Ange Chloe Imanirafasha, to the auditions, conveyed her joy and pride, stating, “I am very glad that my daughter made it and I’m really proud of her.”

She further urged parents to support their children’s talent development instead of mocking them.

 Nelson Mucyo, one of the judges in the competition, highlighted Kayonza’s distinctive music genres, such as Amazina y’inka and Igisope, setting it apart from other audition locations.

 Among the factors contributing to contestants’ failure were inadequate discipline resulting in denial of access despite notable talents, subpar performances, absence of talent during the performance, and stage fright disrupting their presentations.

 Conversely, exceptional talents, impressive performances, effective stage and audience management, and exemplary discipline reflecting reverence towards God were evident in successful performers.

 The Rwanda Gospel Stars live auditions will conclude on May 25th in Kigali, followed by a nationwide competition where selected contestants from across the country will vie for advancement to the next stage of the contest.

 In Kayonza, the panel consisted of Nelson Mucyo, serving as both head of the jury and Clovis Akimana, a versatile figure with roles as a reporter, music analyst, and video director. Also on the panel was Jovia Nyagato, a resident of Kayonza, doubling as a worship leader, music analyst, and vocal instructor.