Arsene Tuyi to stage annual ‘Pentecost Hymn’ concert

Joseline Gasengayire 

Gospel singer Arsene Tuyiringire, commonly known as Arsene Tuyi, is in final preparations of hosting the fifth edition of his upcoming annual concert dubbed, ‘Pentecost Hymn.’

The concert is scheduled for Sunday, May 19 at Restoration Church Masoro and will be graced by other worshippers including Christian Irimbere, Shekinah Worship Team, and Restoration Masoro drama team.

In an interview with the Gospel Time, the singer said that the main goal of the concert is to remind believers to embrace the (Holy) Spirit as an integral aspect of the Godhead.

“I organize Pentecost concerts to revive Christians’ connection with the Holy Spirit, akin to their devotion to God the Father and God the Son. I’ve noticed a waning focus on the Holy Spirit and aim to reignite enthusiasm for His presence within the Trinity,” he noted.

Entrance to the concert will be free of charge unlike the previous ones granting everyone an opportunity to enjoy the goodness of worship through the artiste’s music.

A deliberately limited number of performers is part of Tuyiringire’s strategy to ensure ample time for performances and worship for attendees. He also plans to conduct live recordings of his new songs during the event.

“At the concert, attendees can anticipate a meticulously organized, prayerfully prepared, and profoundly spiritually uplifting experience. Additionally, they should be open to what the Holy Spirit has in store for them, as each day brings its own grace, offering the potential for a distinct encounter with the Divine,” he emphasized.

Tuyiringire is known for compositions such as “Impamvu y’ibyishimo,” “Naranyuzwe,” and “Umujyi w’amashimwe,” among others. His upbringing within ADEPR’s children’s ministry deeply influenced his musical journey.

Each of his songs carries a distinct narrative, aiming to communicate a message of reconciliation with Christ and a call to return to the cross for redemption and justification from sin.

His music resonates with a universal theme of spiritual renewal and restoration, offering listeners a path towards a deeper connection with their faith.

The musician invites all to join him for anointed worship on Pentecost at Evangelical Restoration Church Masoro, urging everyone not to miss this opportunity no matter their location.