Duo Fabrice and Maya gear up for ‘transformation’ live concert to launch latest album

Gospel sensation duo Fabrice and Maya Nzeyimana, are set to host an intensive and spiritual awakening praise and worship live concert on June 2 at Nyarutarama based Christian Life Assembly (CLA).

The event titled, ‘Transformation live concert,’ will serve as an opportunity for the duo to launch their seventh album which will be composed of 15 songs.

The two are members of CLA and are the founders of Heavenly Melody Africa, a ministry made up of worship leaders and pastors from various churches throughout Africa.

Fabrice described their upcoming concert as very special to everyone who will attend.

He noted that the concert will focus on the powerful and transforming message of the gospel and its impact to lead souls to Christ, as well as advocating for youth engagement in meaningful pursuits and steering away from alcohol and drug abuse.

He also explained that the concert was titled, ‘transformation’ to clearly communicate the central theme and purpose of Fabrice, Maya and Heavenly Melody Africa’s music and ministry towards spiritual awakening, societal change, power of the gospel and transformative nature of music and worship.

A singer, Fabrice is also a song writer and started song composition back in 2000 when he was still in Burundi. Together with his wife, they relocated to Rwanda in 2015 and continued investing in their music till today.

Their latest album will feature songs including, Reka Ndamuririmbe, Sifa na Shangwe, Yeye Peke, Emmanueli, Jina lenye nguvu, Umuntu wa kane, Mwami w’Ubuntu, Christ alone, Elohim, Ndagukunda, Ivyizigiro, Zura, Ganza, Umwami wanje and Nje Gushima.

 Kwibuka and Umuganda activities

 Besides the album launch, organisers of the concert have planned for other activities including honouring victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and conducting community service (Umuganda).  

Fabrice revealed that ministers participating in the upcoming event, in partnership with CLA members, will participate in community service (Umuganda) on May 25 to clean Nyabisindu area and plant some trees.

They will also visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial to honour the victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and will lay wreaths on mass graves containing the remains of over 250,000 victims.

“As Christian artistes and church leaders, we stand united against the ideology of genocide, adorning our songs with messages of comfort during the commemoration period. Our goal is to play a role in the healing and reconciliation process. True reconciliation starts with a transformed heart,” he added.