Victors Gospel Band releases new video song

By Sandrine Twiringire

Victors Gospel Band has released their latest video song titled, Urukundo Rwa Yesu (The love of Jesus).

The band, which is made up of 15 young talented vocalists and 7 instrumentalists from different denominations, joined efforts to spread the good news of Christ through gospel music.

Inspiration for their new song comes from their need to express Christ’s excessive love that made him sacrifice his life to redeem the world, according to the singers.

“I sing and will always sing the excessive love of Jesus. He saw me when I was wicked, yet he forgave me. He washed me with the blood from his side, I became Holy. The love of Jesus has become the song of my heart. I can’t find words to express this love that made him to forsake everything and come to redeem me. I, who was a sinner, became a child of God. I will be always grateful for the love of Jesus,” read the lyrics.

Elie Mugisha, the band representative, quoted Isaiah 12:5 to explain that every believer has a responsibility to proclaim the works of God to the entire world.

 “We sing of his excess love which made him sacrifice his life to save sinners like us,” he noted.

Victors Gospel Band was established last year (February, 2023). After three months of their formation, the band performed a cover song of ‘ Yiwo Lawa’ by a South Africa gospel legend Bishop Benjamin Dube. The band also featured duo Papi and Dorcas in the hymn song, Ndi amahoro.