US-based gospel singer Tumaini Byinshi drops new video song, ‘Kanani’

US-based Rwandan gospel singer Tumaini Byinshi has released a new video song called, ‘Kanani.’

 A sacred song lasting six-minutes and 18 seconds, Kanani describes a new residence (Canaan), where every believer waits to live after death.

The singer introduced the song by saying: “It’s almost time, we’ve heard about this place and we’d love to go there. Canaan is waiting for us. Its inhabitants are always singing with jubilant hearts. Having conquered death, I will surely live with them in our father’s kingdom.”

He went on to assure that those who go there will rejoice forever, forget all the dangers of life and experience eternal joy, adding that the song’s message increases believers’ curiosity and hope for heaven.  

Commenting on how the song came to be, the singer explained that he shed tears of joy when he wrote it in 2021, recalling that he was sitting at home and felt strange inner feelings he couldn’t easily explain.

 “Normally, I play guitar when I worship. when I started playing, I felt a heavenly inspiration. My heart swelled with joy and tears began to flow. I continued to sing Canaan is waiting for us….” he explained.

Tumaini’s songs have inspired gospel lovers all over the world. He is known for songs such as,  “Abafite Ikimenyetso, Ibanga ry’Akarago, Aracyakora, Intsinzi and Umwambi.