Gospel singer Vumilia Mfitimana to stage live concert in May

By Joseline Gasengayire

Gospel singer, Vumilia Mfitimana, is preparing to stage a live concert “Nyigisha” on May 5 and it is scheduled to take place at University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK), Kicukiro campus.

The event will feature various choirs from the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church, including Way of Hope from Remera, Ababimbuzi from Muhima, and Intwari za Kristo from Kigombe Musanze.

Mfitimana, an artiste affiliated with SDA church, is celebrated for songs like “Amahoro” and “Nyigisha.”

Alongside these, she’s also known for “Isi ibaga nta kinya.” Her journey into gospel music is intriguing, and there’s more to discover about her background and career in this genre.

During the concert, the singer will perform a live recording of her earliest and new songs.

Who is Mfitimana?

Mfitimana is the eldest of five siblings and was raised in a Seventh Day Adventist family in Maraba Butare, Huye District.

Currently, she is a history teacher at Lycee de Nyanza in the Southern Province. She attended G.S Kabuye for primary, G.S Indangaburezi in Ruhango district for high school, and University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB) for university, majoring in History, Economics with education.

Growing up, Mfitimana participated in both children’s and adult ministries. While involved in these roles, she said she never imagined herself becoming a musician one day.

Her dreams involved becoming a healthcare provider or a teacher, not a singer. She recalls, “I never dreamt about becoming a singer, I just liked songs and seeing other children sing.”

Her music journey hence began unexpectedly in 2019. A local producer noticed her singing in her choir and approached her for support with recording artistes, seeking her talent in organizing and mastering keys for them.

This is where the producer at Soleil Records recognized her voice’s potential for solo tracks. That’s when he inquired if she had any original songs to record. Together, they crafted a song for fun, which the producer then shared widely, garnering positive feedback. However, Mfitimana remained oblivious to the song’s popularity as she lacked a smartphone to keep track.

“I was not aware that people had loved my song and I didn’t even mind the feedback because I hadn’t taken it seriously,” she remarked.

She didn’t realize the journey she had started until the producer suggested creating another song. They recorded hits like “Hari Yesu,” “Nibo,” “Nzahura,” and “Izabukuru,” gaining popularity and concert invitations. “It was hard at first because I didn’t feel confident enough, but I pushed through,” she noted.

One day during a performance in Amavuna, everyone who had attended thought she was an established artist and this made the producer encourage her to create more songs for future invitations, seeing potential she hadn’t recognized. Motivated, she returned to the studio and produced “Amahoro,” “Nyigisha,” and “Ibaga nta kinya,” which became viral hits.

Mfitimana recognized the positive reception of her songs and decided to pursue solo music professionally in February 2020. After opening a YouTube channel, one of her songs quickly garnered views and received numerous positive comments and approvals from viewers.

As a singer, she says she faces challenges such as limited financial means and anxiety when performing. Over time, she believes these challenges will diminish.

To date, the singer has 31 songs on her YouTube channel, including audio-only and video versions. Her music doesn’t aim for a specific message; “Whatever message you get from the song is what it’s designed to deliver,” she says. She sings and shares what God places on her heart.

She urges fellow gospel artists to continue spreading Christ-centered messages, and takes this opportunity to express gratitude to her fans for their support and invites them to the “Nyigisha Live” concert.