KWIBUKA 30: Comfort My People supports genocide survivors in Kamonyi district

Rwanda and friends of Rwanda all over the world on Sunday, April 7, commenced activities to mark the 30th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Philanthropic activities, which aim to comfort genocide survivors and orphans, are among activities that feature the next 100 days of commemoration and are mostly carried out by a variety of development partners, faith-based organisations and groups of people who decide to stand with those in need.

In this regard, Comfort My People, a faith-based organisation, on Wednesday, April 10 offered foodstuff to over 30 families of genocide survivors in Karama sector, Kamonyi District, in the Southern Province of Rwanda. 

In addition to the support, survivors were comforted through the word of God.

Pastor Willy Rumenera, Founder of Comfort My People Ministries and National Director of Teen Challenge, shared that there was hope to see again innocent victims on the resurrection day, expressing his gratitude to partner with local leaders in comforting genocide survivors.  

Fabien Nsabimana, the president of Ibuka in Karama sector, asked survivors to remain hopeful and work hard to inherit positive values that characterised innocent relatives who perished in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

He recommended Comfort My People Ministries on choosing to stand with genocide survivors during this difficult period, adding that although it’s been 30 years, survivors get traumatized as they reflect on their past.

Alfred Rushirabwoba, the In-charge of social affairs in Karama sector, echoed Ibuka president’s remarks recommending also for Comfort My People Ministry in supporting genocide survivors.

Donathile Nyiramakuba, one of the survivors, expressed her gratitude saying that the relief changed their emotional state.