Singer Prosper Nkomezi returns with mega live concert in Kigali after regional tour

By Joseline Gasengayire

Prosper Nkomezi is planning a big live concert ‘Nzakingura’ that will take place at Camp Kigali on May 12 this year.

The concert’s objective is to celebrate and honour God alongside Nkomezi’s supporters while also debuting his albums Nzakingura and Nyigisha.

The albums feature numerous tracks like Hallelujah, Wanyujuje, Warakoze, Sinzamuvaho, Hahiriwe, Ntujy’uhinduka, among others. He anticipates this comprehensive offering to be a significant and capacity-filled experience for his fans.

In an interview with Gospel Time, Nkomezi emphasized that the concert’s focus is on praising and worshiping God through his songs, thus limiting the number of invited artists. He stated, “I desire ample time to immerse myself in the beauty of worship, so anticipate a small selection when I announce the invited artists.”

Nkomezi is well known for his soul quenching songs like Wanyujuje indirimbo, Sinzahwema, Nzayivuga and his new song Ntujya Uhinduka.

His previous concert took place in 2019. As he organises his upcoming concert, he returns with a collection of soul-stirring songs and a spiritually enriching worship experience.

He remarked, “Just as I named this concert Nzakingura, my fans should prepare to receive what they’ve long awaited from me over these past four years.”

Through worshipping with his entire song repertoire, he believes that divine blessings will flow as heavenly gates open.

Nkomezi mentioned a recent concert in Uganda, which he described as an invitation from his Ugandan fans. He expressed satisfaction with the event’s outcome, highlighting the significant gathering that turned up for the concert.

The singer has been traveling and performing across various nations and cities, including Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, and Dubai. He intends to spread the gospel in more locations, promising his audience new music as he expands the Kingdom of God through uplifting praise and worship songs.

Ticket prices for the Nzakingura live concert are set at 50K, 20K, 10K, and 5K for platinum, gold, silver, and regular seats respectively. Various sponsors, including Saltel, Lamane, IYAGA PLUS, Rwandema, Lifelenz Media, and more, are supporting this event.