Rwanda Gospel Stars Live: Over 36 contestants turn up in Rubavu district

By Joseline Gasengayire

Rwanda Gospel Stars Live held its third round of auditions in Rubavu district where over thirty-six participants took part in the competition.

As customary, the event which happened on 30 March, commenced with an introduction by MC Steven Karasira, who urged contestants to overcome their apprehension and showcase their vocal talents effectively to enhance their prospects of advancing to the next stage.

Nelson Mucyo chaired the jury, alongside Mike Karangwa, who also served as judge in previous auditions. Mediatrice Umurerwa, a radio presenter at RC Rubavu was part of the judges and was also head of the jury panel.

Mucyo, hailing from Rubavu’s Mbugangari sector, brought a comforting sense of familiarity to the contestants. Unlike auditions held in other areas, where only one local served on the jury, having two natives from the district this time was welcomed by the contestants.

At the onset of the auditions, Mucyo briefed the contestants on the guidelines, allocating 1.5 minutes per participant—30 seconds for introduction and 1 minute for their performance. He further reassured them, saying, “Fear not, we’re fellow singers here, not here to waste your time. Be confident and showcase your talents; our aim is to witness your success, not failure.”

As anticipated, Rubavu showcased remarkable talent during the auditions, with 18 out of 36 contestants securing their advancement to the next round. Additionally, over 7 participants were placed on probation, needing to compete further.

Due to time constraints however, those on probation were unable to showcase their talents again to the jury. Among the 18 eligible for the next round, only a few had the opportunity to perform in session 2 before the final selections were announced.

Choosing the 10 finalists for the national level posed a challenge for the judges due to the contestants’ consistent display of professionalism in their performances. Factors contributing to their success included talent, stage presence and expressive facial gestures while performing.

Aline Niyigena, a 25-year-old contestant who succeeded to the next level, said her talent was her main motivation as she was confident in her abilities. “Additionally, my husband’s unwavering support played a significant role in boosting my confidence and ultimately leading to my success.”

During an interview with the media, Mucyo shared his excitement about the talent pool in Rubavu. He mentioned that although the jury initially aimed to select six individuals, they ended up choosing ten due to the exceptional quality of performances.

Karangwa advised contestants to endeavour to sing in languages such as Swahili and English, emphasizing the current reach of the gospel music market. To excel as an artist, he stressed the importance of being competitive in multiple languages beyond the local dialect.

Mucyo acknowledged the abundance of talent in the region, stating that if not for the limited slots, they would have selected even more contestants. Additionally, he emphasized that the eventual finalist would undoubtedly be highly talented, exceptional, blessed, and anointed.

“I’ve observed Rwanda’s abundant talent and foresee a promising future for many superstar singers. Our mission at Rwanda Gospel Stars Live is to spotlight these undiscovered talents nationally and globally, and I reiterate the call for investors to support these budding artists,” he concluded.

The Rwanda Gospel Stars Live Auditions are scheduled to continue in Huye, Rwamagana, and Kigali on April 20th, May 2nd, and May 18th respectively. Following the auditions, there will be pre-selection rounds, bringing together talents from across the country to compete for a spot in the final sessions.