Uncovering Chancelier Ntaganda: A rising star in the gospel industry

By Joseline Gasengayire

Chancelier Ntaganda, also known as Chancelier Muyoboke, 28, is an inspirational and sensational upcoming artiste who purposed to use his talent to spread the gospel through music.

Motivated by a spiritual calling and his parents’ support in terms of inspiration and finances, the singer is emerging as a gifted gospel artiste.

His talent was publicly detected recently as the second edition of Rwanda Gospel Stars Live commenced in Rusizi district in March, with the goal of identifying exceptional young talents.

At the competition, he was selected among the top seven contestants who were to represent Rusizi District.

Born in 1996 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Muyoboke moved to Rwanda shortly after birth to facilitate his family’s access to education and job opportunities.

He completed high school in 2005 at Ntendezi in accounting and later the singer pursued his passion for music by enrolling in a music school in 2018.

His dedication led him to win a competition and secure admission to Nyundo School of Arts in 2020.

Growing up participating in children’s ministry and choir at church as well as playing piano in high school, Muyoboke was lucky to find his music inspiration at a young age. 

Much as the singer says he inherited his talent from his mother, he draws inspiration from the Holy Spirit. His vision is to spread the gospel through music as well as creating partnerships with established figures like Israel Mbonyi to amplify his message of hope and repentance worldwide.

He really praises his parents’ support to be where he is today. 

With six songs to his credit, including the popular “Amashimwe,” Muyoboke has hosted two successful concerts in Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts, in the western province. His music is accessible on his YouTube channel, Chancelier Muyoboke.

He encourages his supporters to share his music, offer feedback, and provide suggestions for improvement. This he believes will foster a collaborative and inclusive approach to his musical journey.