America: Legacy of Worshippers release new video Song

The Legacy of Worshippers, a musical group, recently released a new video song, Naramuhawe (I was given the Savior Jesus).

The musical team is made up of talented and anointed siblings who currently live in Maine, America, and are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ across the world through music.

Every member has a unique skill to offer with some focusing on singing, writing songs, production and video shooting.

In their song, the group testifies of the love of God by sending His only begotten son Jesus Christ who is the source of our salvation.

“Our salvation is found in the name of Jesus. What a blessing to be a friend of Jesus, my soul is hidden with Christ in God, I am an heir in the kingdom of God,” the lyrics read.

The Legacy of Worshippers continues to express their gratitude for the gift of the Holy Spirit every believer was given as the Helper in their weaknesses, adding that the Holy Spirit is a good leader to all believers, and He protects them from going astray.

The team is arguably most known for their short video songs that are popular on social networks, and some are worship leaders in True Promises Ministries, USA branch. It plans to release more songs in the future.

Their new song is available on their YouTube Channel, Legacy.