ADEPR Samuduha Boaz choir is set to release debut album after 27 years

ADEPR Samuduha Boaz choir in Rubirizi, Kanombe sector is planning to release its debut album 27 years after its founding.

Titled, ‘Intsinzi ya Yesu’ (a victory of Jesus), the album will consist of 8 audio and video songs.

According to Fidele Havugimana, the vice-president of the choir in charge of the development, the choir plans to release one song per month, in addition to other projects, such as evangelical crusades expected in March and May.

Moreover, the choir has a book of 150 songs to be released.

“Our music journey aligns with our mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ by reminding the world that Christ is their victory. Our products are biblically oriented, not emotional, because only the message of the bible can make an impact in the lives of people. Whatever we desire, it will not come to pass without the victory of Jesus. Christ is the most important victory,” Havugimana said.

He went ahead to highlight that their mission is not to seek profit for themselves, but to spread the good news of Christ. 

Boaz choir was formed in November 1997 during a morning prayer locally known as Nibature. The formation of the choir was an initiative of three people who came up with the idea of forming a singing group. They later shared it with other 8 people who supported the idea.

At the beginning of their establishment, they did not have a perfect place of worship and could only pray in a tent, but gradually developed. To date, the team has grown to 102 members, both young and old.

In 2000, the prayer group became a chapel in Samuduha. The Boaz choir was responsible for working for the development of the chapel.

Havugimana explained that 27 years ago, the choir was focused on the development of their chapel, and that this did not allow them to release an album.

It was in 2019 that the choir started the production project of its first album. However, the project was cut short by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Nonetheless, they resumed their work after the pandemic. They have since completed four songs, two of which are available on the choir’s YouTube   channel and other social media platforms, including ‘Uri Uwera and their latest song, ‘Mutima Wanjye,’ which carries a message to comfort desperate hearts.

In order to achieve its mission, the choir has a leadership structure with two main committees: an administrative committee and a committee responsible for development.

Anyone wishing to join the choir should be a born-again Christian, musician, and subject to discipline in addition to a letter of motivation.