ADEPR Shalom Choir drops new video song

ADEPR Nyarugenge Shalom Choir has released a new video song called “Umwuka Wera” (Holy Spirit). They recorded it during a historical and memorable gospel festival held last year in September, where thousands of people filled the 10,000-seat BK Arena.

In the 10-minute and 18-second song, the choir asks the Holy Spirit to bring positive influence to the world.

The lyrics express a plea for the Holy Spirit to come into their hearts, guide them on the right path to Heaven, and protect them from the darkness of the world.

Jean Luc Rukundo, the president of Shalom Choir, explained that the song is relevant because some preachers are spreading false messages, and they pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them in these challenging times.

Rukundo also mentioned that the choir plans to organize evangelical events, create more songs, and focus on their charity program to help those in need.

” We pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us in these difficult times. Many have been led astray by false teachers,” he said. 

Shalom Choir is well-regarded in the country, being recognized in various gospel tournaments for its significant contribution to the progress of gospel music ministry.

Established in 1985 as Umunezero Choir, initially for Sunday school children, Shalom Choir has grown to include 140 members, both youth and adults. Over the years, they have released four audio albums and three video albums. In 2018, they won the Choir of the Year prize at the ‘Groove Awards’ gospel tournament after hosting a successful live concert at Kigali Convention Centre to promote their debut audio album.