‘The Christian Way’ radio show hosts to initiate sports evangelism tournament

A team of presenters of a gospel show at Umucyo Radio are set to launch a sports tournament that aims at spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and accelerating unity among different faith-based organisations in the City of Kigali.

Titled “One Ball one Mission,” the tournament will focus on two main popular games: Football and basketball.

The organisers believe that sports can be a unifying factor for churches in Rwanda.

Pascal Ntaganda, one of the show hosts, said it’s time to get bold and passionate about the Great Commission, noting that sport tournaments can be embraced as a good approach to evangelising to the world.

The tournament is expected to kick off on March 23. All games will take place during the weekends and the tournament will be ended by a gospel concert during which winners of the tournament will be awarded. On Sundays, the tournament will take place after services ( afternoon). The event will feature a pause as Rwanda will be marking 30th anniversary to commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and will resume after two weeks. 

The Christian way is a faith and life talk show aiming to view life in a Christlike way.  It tackles different topics.

About 20 teams from faith based organisations including a team of musicians were invited to participate in the tournament.

Pascal Ntaganda, one of the organisers, ready for the tournament
Jordan Murangwa is a music Minister at New Life Bible church plays soccer and big fan of Barcelona. He is ready for the tournament.