Bible Society of Rwanda launches program to promote youth development

The Bible Society of Rwanda has launched a program to empower youth in different spheres of life such as reproductive health, gender equality, philanthropy, among others.

The program titled, ‘Young Samaritan’ was launched on Friday, December 29, 2023. It is aimed at engaging young people from the City of Kigali, Nyaruguru, Gicumbi and Bugesera districts and will be implemented in partnership with different faith-based organisations and schools.

As an inclusive five-year program, it will equip young people and prepare them to become important citizens who plan for their future in a realistic and positive way.

Participants will be educated on different topics that will help sharpen their knowledge to exercise responsible decision-making for themselves and for community development. In addition, the Young Samaritan Program will provide information regarding reproductive health, gender equality, friendship and self-esteem, environment and climate change.

Pastor Viateur Ruzibiza, Administration General Secretary at Bible Society of Rwanda, noted that they are working to empower young people by changing their mindset as well as encouraging them to embrace philanthropic activities.

“Philanthropy does not depend on the quantity of your possessions or properties. It depends on a good heart. Bible Society in partnership with churches has a responsibility to help people develop positive thinking. When you look at the development of technology, you realise how young people are becoming selfish which demolishes social life.

Young people are very addicted to technology and are becoming less active in creating effective relationships with other people. They concentrate on technology rather than embracing interactions with people,” Ruzibiza said.

Young people will also be encouraged to make positive decisions and avoid negative influences from friends, technology and radical groups.

Ruzibiza noted that the country has a big number of young people and that they need to be prepared in  all aspects of life, mainly social life, adding that the program will help them know life’s journey, how to take good decisions, embrace social life, and know how to use technology effectively.

Obed Gasangwa from Uwezo Empowerment organisation, who spoke on behalf of fellow young people, believes that the new program will help young people make a smart plan for their future.

“We, young people, are accountable for the future of the country. Being empowered to make positive decisions is an assurance that we will positively contribute to the development of the country,” he added.