Abanaziri Ministries celebrate five years of evangelism

By Frederic Byumvuhore 

Abanaziri Ministries, an evangelical group, celebrated a remarkable journey of five years of evangelism in a two-day ceremony held in Kigali at CityLight Foursquare Gospel Church.

The ceremony, which was held from December 2 to 3, 2023, was witnessed by different church leaders, evangelists, and music groups including Healing Worship Ministry, Alarm Ministries, Glory of God Worship Team, Abarinzi b’Inkike, and Peace Voice.

Themed ‘Glory to Glory,’ the ceremony was also followed virtually by thousands across the world and featured different speakers including Bishop Fidele Masengo, the Senior Pastor of CityLight Foursquare Church, Bishop Mathias, Bishop Aaron Ruhimbya of Restoration Church Kimisagara and Pastor Christophe Sebagabo of Calvary Wide Fellowship Ministries.

Abanaziri Ministries consists of hundreds of young faithful from different denominations across the world.

At the occasion, Pastor King Ndizeye, the representative of Abanaziri Ministries, revealed that the ministry was established on November 1, 2018 at Foursquare Gospel Church in Kimironko. Initially, the ministry was composed of 7 members who have now grown to over 700 members worldwide within only five years.

Currently, the ministry has opened 8 branches worldwide, that is, in Australia, America, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, and Uvira.

Their five-year journey in evangelism was described as challenging by the ministry, yet they are grateful for what God enabled them to do to spread the good news of Christ.

Pastor Ndizeye noted that the five-year celebration means giving thanks to God for the ministry’s existence, emphasizing that the ministry has a single mission to expand the Kingdom of God.  

Mission and vision

According to the representative, the ministry’s progress will be celebrated every five years. He recommended all members of Abanaziri Ministries to strive for spreading the Gospel, learn the word of God to increase their faith, love and respect pastors, humility, and mentorship.

The name ‘Abanaziri’ (Nazarites) is found in Numbers 6:2, Pastor Ndizeye says, clarifying that a Nazarite is a person who separates themselves from evil and fights a battle of sanctification, accepts Jesus as the Savior of his life and then strives to spread good news about Him.

“A true Nazarite should be characterised by separation from all evils, fight a battle of sanctification, spiritual rejuvenation, and be courageous and determined to do the work of God. It’s possible that Abanaziri are not qualified in all these characteristics, but we are not where we used to be. When you call yourself a Nazarite and you don’t proclaim the gospel, you are not a true Nazarite. Every Nazarite should bear the burden of those who are perishing,” he pointed out.

Abanaziri Ministries is governed by the scripture in Mark 16:15, which focuses on Jesus’ recommendation to His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

It also focuses on nurturing evangelists and plans to send some members to theology school. Every Nazarite is also encouraged to work hard and develop themselves financially.

The ministry conducts evangelism through charity activities where they support needy people. In the five years, the ministry paid school fees for children and paid health insurance for needy families.

Under the ministry’s five year-strategic plan from 2023-2028, members will be trained in theology school, expand evangelism and establish at least 50 branches by 2028.

Pastors recognised

The ministry recognised different people mainly pastors for their contribution in the evolution and growth of Abanaziri ministries.

Bishop Fidele Masengo and his wife Pastor Solange were recognised for their outstanding support to the existence and growth of the ministry. Masengo and wife were described as parents and advisors.

 Rev. Cadeaux Gisa and his wife were also recognised for helping the ministry enhance discipline.

Pastor Jacques Niyonsaba, Senior Pastor of Nazarene Church-Remera Parish, was recognised for hosting Abanaziri’s weekly service known as ‘Akabiri’ and his continuous support in different ways. The pastor was gifted with a cow.  

Other pastors recognised include Gad, Bonaventure, Clement Mbonimpa, Rumanzi, Alex Ngabo, Musasa, Manu,and Bishop Rushika.

Photos by Franko Filmz TV