‘Gospel artistes need to remain faithful, steadfast in their challenges as they will be rewarded’-Twagirayezu

 Assemblies of God singer, Theophile Twagirayezu, comes back to music with aspirations to contribute tremendously to the gospel industry by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

The singer, who has been off the music scene for a while, began singing in 2000. He started off honing his singing talent in previous years with the church’s worship team.

 In 2006, Twagirayezu released his first song, ‘Iri Maso’, in which he collaborated with classmates from Saint Andre in Nyamirambo. Two years later, he released his second song, Ngwino Umare Inyota’ in which he collaborated with Angelique.

The artiste who doubles as a university lecturer, unexpectedly faded off the music scene and has been away since 2009 concentrating on study, work and other affairs.

In an interview with the Gospel Time, singer Twagirayezu explained that his return means now is the perfect time to work hard to advance his music career.

The singer has many songs he has written before, which he plans to finalise and release them.

 “I was born in church and was active in children and church choirs before releasing my own songs. I am going to focus on the songs I wrote a few years ago,” the singer added.

Recently, Twagirayezu remixed his debut song ‘Iri Maso,’ which is available on his YouTube channel, Theophile TWAGIRAYEZU official.

Twagirayezu encouraged all believers to abide in Christ, adding that his fellow gospel artistes need to remain faithful and steadfast in their challenges as they will be rewarded.