Rwandans welcome Pastor Rick Warren’s return to Kigali

Pastor Rick Warren announced that he will be back to Rwanda from November 28 to December 2.

The renowned American evangelist shared this information via his official X account, expressing his delight to return to Rwanda.

“Dear Friends in Rwanda, I want to email you some very important news. I’ll be back in Kigali November 28 to December 2. Ndabakunda mwese (I love you all)! Ndagarutse mu rugo! (I am back home)” Warren said.

It is expected that he will host a training for pastors and church leaders at Dove Hotel Gisozi on November 30.

 The pastor’s return to Rwanda is part of Finishing the Task Healthy church Conference which is organised by Finish the Task – a coalition of thousands of believers, churches, denominations, and organizations coming together to fulfill the Great Commission.

 Finish the Task is also a call to mobilize all of Christ’s church, to do all Christ commands, with all people, in all places, using all of God’s gifts, all for God’s glory by 2033.

 Rev. Dr. Rick Warren said: “This is the most exciting conference I’ve ever been a part of, because I believe it’s going to change history.”


 Shortly after Warren shared information, users of X, mainly Rwandans, expressed their sentiments towards his return.

 A Kigali based Communications personality, Christian journalist, Mr Jonas took to X : “ Most welcome Dear Pastor, we love you and we will pray for you. This is home. You can request for Rwandese nationality if you want. Just one question: how can someone see you once you arrive? Kindly, Remember to pray for me too.”

 Julius Mugabo, founder of Interact-Rwanda, wrote: “ The Man Coming back home , is the hero behind : Book , The Purpose Driven Life (UBUZIMA BUFITE INTEGO) . His book opened my eyes for comparisons between the Bible, God and Life on Word ! I read it over again . Karibu to the Land of Thousand Hills, Pastor Warren.”

“ Just wanted you to know that I love your wisdom in preaching ! “creating a life shaping conversation” is one of my favorites,” said Aimable Uwimana, Communication professional, Translator and Writer.

 Many more welcoming messages are still pouring in from people of all backgrounds.

In 2004, Rick Warren introduced The PEACE Plan as Saddleback’s missionary and reconciliation strategy. The plan was later launched officially in 2005 with a focus on planting churches that promote reconciliation, equipping servant leaders, assisting the poor, caring for the sick, and educating the next generation.

 Pastor Rick Warren awarded the International Medal of Peace to President Kagame during the Saddleback Civil Forum on Reconciliation in 2009, highlighting the collaborative efforts between the church and the government for national development.