Rwanda Willing Soul: Evangelising the world, spreading the gospel through music

Rwanda Willing Soul is a new gospel music group consisting of five young talented singers from different parishes affiliated to the Seventh-Day Adventist in Rubavu district, Western province.

Formed in April this year, the music group is passionate about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. Seven months since its inception, members have managed to record their first video song, ‘Isi Dutuye’.

Danny Nkurunziza, the president of the group, said that they have 10 more songs to record.

He also stressed that their primary mission is to spread the gospel through music, to tell people about salvation with the Bible as their source of inspiration.

Although members of the group are also part of the local church choirs, the president made it clear that everyone is accountable to all responsibilities and none interrupts another.

“We pray from different parishes and we decided to put our effort together to proclaim the good news of Christ as a united team. We are two boys and three girls,” he added.

As a group, Nkurunziza said they did not come on the scene to create anything new, instead they got into the sector to complement other music groups.

“We are all called to evangelise the world. We are now limited to only five members. We shall see if we can welcome others in the future.”

To reach as many as possible, the group plans to use multiple foreign languages such as English, French and Kiswahili.

“Our main goal is to expand our reach. We want to spread our message to as many people as possible.”

The president asked their fans for support and prayers.