Becoming a gospel artiste is God’s promise- says Janvier Izayi

US-based gospel artiste, Janvier Izayi, has always aspired to be an artiste since childhood.

His dream started coming true when he became part of various musical groups.

“When I joined various musical groups, I discovered that I had talent. And from there, my talent was honed. I started singing many years ago, but decided to go solo a few years ago,” Izayi said.

The singer has since released three songs Ubushyo, Nkingiwe n’Ingabo, with ‘Narabohowe’ being his latest and the third one.

Serving the Lord in this form of ministry is an honor for him, as he says.

“I have always dreamed of being able to serve God in a broader way. I grew up waiting to serve the Lord through music as a promise, even though I did not know when the right time would be,” he noted.

In his songs, Izayi focuses on the message of healing, that God is able to save us from all difficulties and temptations.

The artiste’s latest song carries a message of God’s love, sending His only begotten son to save the world.

“I am free and redeemed, and Jesus gave me life. I am no longer a foreigner, I have become a prince,” the lyrics read.

Izayi plans to produce more songs to spread the good news of Christ to all, and he recognises everyone’s efforts to support his music career.

His products can be found on his YouTube channel, Janvier Izayi.