Singer Rehema calls for intercession for the church in new video song

Canada-based gospel singer, Antoinette Rehema, has called on all intercessors to come together, pray and weep for the church’s deliverance from the devil’s captivity.

Her call comes after her observation on how strong the devil’s attack has become on the church.

Having reflected on the challenges facing the church today, she said that the glory of God has disappeared and prayer has become a ritual.

“Where have the warriors gone? Where does lasting hope come from?” she wondered, adding that the Holy place has welcomed abominations while the enemy is looting the church.

Rehema recently released a song titled, ‘Kuboroga’ that conveys the message she received from God through Jeremiah 9: 16-17.

In the song, the singer expressed her grief and called on women especially, to be afflicted, mourn and weep for rebuilding of the foundation of the church.

In an interview with Gospel Time, Rehema explained that the song was inspired by God and it features on her fifth album.

“I received this message some time ago. Despite the constant reminder of the Holy Spirit, I was slow to share. When the time was right, I decided to convey it through a song,” she said.

Rehema added, “I call on all the women who can cry to come and weep for the church. Abomination has entered the Holy place and many have gone astray. The glory of God no longer belongs to the so-called servants. What we need is to cry out to God for rescue, and we trust that God will respond to us.”

Rehema currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario and is a member of Rehoboth Healing Centre Church. She began singing at a young age and developed her talent for writing through poetry.

She recorded her first song in the studio in 2010. So far, she has released 4 albums.

The artiste’s future plans are to keep on conveying God’s messages to everyone through songs.