Healing Music releases extended playlist ‘Umugabane Wanjye’

Healing Music recently released its first extended playlist (EP) dubbed ‘Umugabane Wanjye’. 

Affiliated to Healing Centre Church in Remera, Healing Music is a group of born-again worshippers whose mission focuses on spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the world through their talents.

EP stands for ‘Extended Playlist’ meaning a kind of musical recording that contains more tracks than a single but fewer than an album. The style generally contains four to five tracks and locally is commonly used in secular genres.

The extended playlist is composed of five songs among which two are written in English while the other three are in Kinyarwanda. These tracks include Umugabane wanjye, Uwambambiwe, Cya gitaramo, This I Promise and Mountain of Love.

Founded in 2007, the group which derived its name from the name of the church ‘Healing Centre,’ initially started with nearly 17 members and has over time grown to over 60 members today. The group is guided by the scripture in Matthew 28:19-20.

Ahead of the release of their EP, leaders of Healing Music briefed the press about their new journey to expand their ministry.

Innocent Nsengiyumva, the President of Healing Music, explained that they decided to release the EP with an intention to give the public a complete message, adding that Healing Music is also a discipleship group whose activities are mainly guided by the word of God.

He disclosed the plans of the group saying that they are working to increase production of songs in the near future including videos, organise fellowships, praise and worship events in partnership with other ministers.

According to the Music Director Brian Bizimungu known as Brian blessed, it’s high time ministers took advantage of the extended playlist style which he says is rare in the gospel sector.

Studio & Instrumentalists Eric Rukundo said that Healing Music has many other talents such as producers and musicians who are also contributing to the development of other singers from other denominations. 

Miriam Dusabe who is in charge of finance shared that their songs focus on delivering messages that bring healing to the public.

Healing Music delivered a message to the general public that there is salvation for all and whoever denies it will perish but who receives it has a guarantee of eternal life.

Some well-known musicians who are part of Healing Music include duo Yael and Eric, Couple of Brian and Dina among others from renowned popular ministries.  

The group’s products are accessible on various platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and soon will be available on Spotify among other platforms.