Gospel duo Zabron and Deborah unveil third song about God’s promises

Gospel duo Zabron Ndikumukiza and Deborah Mugisha recently released a new video song in which they praise God for His wonderful works in their lives.

The song, titled ‘Umugisha,’ roughly translates as blessing, and is the couple’s third song, along with other uplifting gospel songs such as ‘Ineza y’Imana’ and ‘Kwizera Yesu.’

The couple, now living in America, is passionate and determined to spread the gospel of Jesus and share the message with the world through inspirational gospel songs.

Speaking about the new song, Zabron said that ‘Umugisha’ is based on a true story.

“The inspiration for our new song is based on a true story about our life. It is about God’s promises to us. We praise Him because He fulfilled His promises,” he noted.

He recalled the difficult time they went through as they prepared to get married in 2020, when one of their parents became seriously ill, but God promised that he would heal the parent and that nothing would interrupt their marriage.

“God promised us to heal our parent. Among other promises, He promised to give us a child. At that time, my wife was in Rwanda and I was in the United States of America, but God brought us together. We praise Him that His promises always come true,” Zabron added.

He noted: “We sing about how God’s hand is helping us every step of the way. We are witnesses of His goodness, let all praises be to the Lord. God has always been with us and never abandoned us. We have seen His goodness. He has been our hope. He deserves the glory. God has remembered us and blessed us.”

In their video clip, the couple decided to feature their little girl, who was also born from God’s promise. They named her ‘ Gianna Mugisha’ to always remember what God has done for them.