Tujyane Mwami: Celebrated gospel artistes to grace ‘Back to school prayer’ live concert

Local gospel artistes, including James and Daniella, Danny Mutabazi, True Promises ministries, Josh Ishimwe and Joe Musinga, are expected to minister at a live concert organised to pray for students as they return to school in the new academic year, which begins on Monday, September 25.

Titled, Tujyane Mwami (Go with us, Lord), the concert will be held under the theme taken from the book of Exodus 33: 15-17, in which Moses boldly spoke to God to go with them (Israel). “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us………”

Organised by K Square ministry, a sub-group of K2 HR Services company, the concert is scheduled for Sunday, September 24 at Dove Hotel in Gisozi from 5pm.

Kabiru Wamiti, Chief Executive Officer of K2 HR company, said organising the gospel event was part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

He said a number of gospel events will take place in the future, adding that ‘Tujyane Mwami’ concert was the first to be held.

Mandela Ndahiriwe, manager of the event, said that when the students return to school, they need everyone’s prayers to pray for God to be with them and fill them with wisdom.

“Prayer should be our lifestyle because it is a very essential part of everyone,” he noted.

He made it clear that the concert is not exclusive for students but will be held for all those eager to worship and pray for students with the anointed worshippers.

James Rugarama said that they are delighted to be part of Sunday’s evangelism.

Entrance fees is Rwf 40,000 for couples, Rwf 30,000 for singles and Rwf 15,000 for students.