Worshiper Sarah Dusabe drops new song

Sarah Dusabe, a gospel singer from Christian Life Assembly (CLA) in Kigali has dropped a new song – the third in her recording career.

Titled “Himbaza,” the song praises The Lord for the great things he has done.

Its video was released earlier this week, and it is available on YouTube.

Dusabe started her journey as a recording artiste about two years ago. She currently has three songs to her name.

Despite that, her singing career in general can be traced to as far back as 2004 when she was part of the worship and drama team in her local church.

Her debut song titled “Ndagushima” which came out in 2020, as well as “Yesu,” which came out months later are also available on YouTube.

 “I have more than a thousand reasons to praise You

When I call upon You, my enemies turn back running

Where there was tears, now there is laughter

God has made me laugh; all who hear will laugh with me.

You who gives children to the barren, sets captives free

Let all who are breathing praise you….” go some of the lyrics of the song.

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You can check the song out via this link: