From choir to music group: Sauti Hewani on extending evangelism beyond church

Sauti Hewan Music Team, formerly known as Sauti Hewani Choir of the Bethesda Holy Church, has been restructured with a vision to work outside its mother church.

For the past 19 years, the choir’s evangelism, which was done mainly through gospel music, was focused on church services. However, the church’s administration recently initiated a new plan to reduce the number of musical groups within the church by merging the two choirs with the worship teams.

The Choir’s products have captured the hearts of many people in the country and the region. To date, the dissolved Choir has 3 albums.

On the other hand, former members of Sauti Hewani Choir wanted to sustain the Choir’s purpose. Therefore, they reorganized the choir into an independent musical group not affiliated with any denomination.

Under the new setting, the musical group is now open to anyone of any Pentecostal denomination, both here and abroad. So far, more than 80 members have signed up.

 The team’s executive committee explained that despite the changes, the team would maintain their achievements and expand its operations from local to international levels.

“Sauti Hewani Choir no longer exists. Instead, there is the Sauti Hewani Team and it is open to everyone,” said Emmanuel Uwimana, the leader of Sauti Hewani music group.

Uwimana said this on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 when the team introduced their new video song, “Ijisho ry’Imana” (translated as ‘ the eye of God’) to the media.

Rachel Rwibasira, a member of the group, explained that despite the changes, they will continue to serve the Lord with the guidance and support of the church.

“The church has been supporting us since 2004. We are still in church, although much of our activity will be outside, as in the studio,” she said.

Her colleague and music director, David Kwizera, echoed her opinion saying that Sauti Hewani will organise open air crusades as well as organise evangelical tours in different denominations as part of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to many.

Media coordinator Didier Mizere shared that they planned multiple live shows through social media platforms such as YouTube channel among others.

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