‘My book will help people discover God’s purpose for their lives’- Young author Patience Nahumure

When young author Patience Nahumure wrote her book, ‘Identity, Purpose and Legacy,’ she purposed to contribute to the well-known dialogue about identity and culture.

Her book, which was recently launched, provides a comprehensive approach on discovering one’s identity and culture.

The book launch took place in the author’s hometown, Calgary Canada and attracted her relatives, church leaders, friends and gospel artistes such as Gentil Misigaro and Pastor Aaron Ruhimbya of Restoration church Kimisagara, among others.

Through her writing and insights, she hoped to offer an accommodating perspective, aiming to add value to the conversation, fostering deeper understanding and encouraging further exploration of this complex topic, according to her.

The 116 page-book is a powerful reminder that one’s identity, purpose and legacy are all intertwined, and that following Christ and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit are the keys to achieving true success and leaving a lasting impact.

In the book, the author details her personal experience with God’s grace and importance of understanding one’s identity, purpose, and leaving a meaningful legacy.

In an interview with Gospel Time, Nahumure expressed her gratitude on completing her book adding that she plans to move forward by focusing on more writing.

According to her, the book is a challenge to all readers to re-examine their personal identities and understand themselves as God has created them.

“Whether you are a scholar, a student, or simply interested in the subject matter, my book offers a thoughtful and informative read. By tapping into this divine sense of self, individuals can unlock a sense of power and purpose in their lives that aligns with their true purpose.

“Through thoughtful reflection and introspection, my book empowers readers to step into their identities as God intended and live a life of fulfillment and strength,” Nahumure added.

Additionally, the book compiles Nahumure’s personal stories and reflections and it encourages readers to seek God’s will for their lives, follow the example of Jesus, and use their gifts and talents to serve others.

The author reminds people how everyone is called to make a positive impact in the world and leave a legacy that inspires future generations. 

Patience Nahumure was raised in a multicultural background, values her Canadian identity and her Banyamulenge upbringing and heritage.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Christian studies from Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is passionate about living a life God calls to live in Jesus Christ.