Gospel singer Assiel Mugabe releases new video song

Singer Assiel Mugabe, a worshipper at Methodist Church, Gikondo, recently released a worship hymn thanking God for the amazing grace to enable him to ‘find rest in Him.’

Titled, “Mu Mahema (In your dwelling place), the song is Mugabe’s latest product after 4 years without a single.  

“I’m in your dwelling place, oh Lord. I’m in your presence, where I am delighted. It is where I find rest, proclaiming your amazing grace. I stand with all saints to praise you who deserve the glory. I give you the honor, and all praises belong to you,” read the lyrics.

According to Mugabe, ‘Mu Mahema’ was his dream song.

“I am really thankful to God for giving me the inspiration to write this song during a difficult time when my wife was in critical health due to illness. I praise the Lord for healing her,” he noted.

He explained that the main message of the song is to preach the meaning of living in God’s dwelling place.

“In God’s dwelling there’s life, salvation, joy, praise, and rest,” he noted.

The artiste believes that this song will satisfy souls, restore faith in the hearts of many, and remind the world that ‘our hope and trust should be found only in God.’

The artiste’s products can be accessed on his YouTube channel called, “Assiel Mugabe.”

Mugabo ventured into gospel music in 2004 and has released three albums to date, with songs that have inspired many. Some of his songs include Uri Umwami wanjye, Urera (a collabo he did with Aime Uwimana), Ntihinduka, Bera Isi Umucyo and Ndagushima among others.

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