The Perfect Plan: Commit your works to the Lord

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. – Proverbs 16:3

When we commit our life to the Lord, we somehow forget that it involves everything we do and all that we are. What that means is we also have to commit our works to Him, as well as ourselves.

One of my favorite sayings is “Plan your work and work your plan.” Without a solid goal in mind, our efforts tend to lack focus and can be ineffective. However, with a clear goal, we work with greater determination bypassing distractions and eliminating unproductive efforts. But if we wish to prosper, that is just the first part. We also need to commit our work to the Lord.

The greatest work ever done in history was the sacrifice that the Lord Jesus did for all of us, His crucifixion. It wasn’t an easy mission Jesus fulfilled. However, since behind that work was a plan to save us from our sins, Jesus willingly took up His cross. We are saved today because Jesus committed to doing the Will of God the Father. Whatever plans you have, always seek God’s will and commit your works to the Lord so you are fruitful.