Spending the Night Praying

Now during those days He went out to the mountain to pray; and He spent the night in prayer to God. – Luke 6:12

Recently I went on a two-week out-of-town work-related training. This wasn’t the first time I was far away from my family for this length of time. Not new to being alone and loneliness, this event surprisingly brought laughter to me and my wife as it reminded us that we used to talk for hours on the phone every night every time I was away.

Somehow, I can relate to this verse. I missed home and family but that didn’t deter me from completing and giving my best to the training. It reminded me of how Jesus always remained focused and obedient to the difficult mission He came to achieve. Jesus literally spent the night in prayer. When was the last time you talked to God for hours? When was the last time you poured out your heart to Him?

Remember, Jesus intercedes for us, and prayer is our direct hotline. Take full advantage of this great privilege that has been given to us. You’d be surprised how refreshing it is to spend the night praying to God.