Ambassadors of Christ Choir to stage ‘fundraising concert’ for construction of Remera church

Members of Ambassadors of Christ Choir are organizing a concert in effort to fundraise for the construction of a state-of-art building of the Seventh Day Adventist Church Remera.

The new modern facility will have a seating capacity of 3000 people. It will also have a library, children’s hall, and conference rooms among other facilities to assist daily services at the church.

The Choir, in partnership with church leaders, encourages everyone who has ever been part of the church to play their role in constructing a new modern church building which is budgeted to cost Rwf 1.2 billion with construction works expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

In this regard, the Choir, which is based in Remera church, has organised a live gospel music show titled, ‘Umubyeyi Remera’ with the aim to call upon brethren, fellows and friends to lend them a hand in constructing their church building. Also, Ambassadors of Christ Choir released a song called, “Umubyeyi Remera,” with the message calling for support to build the house of the Lord.

The free-of charge event is expected to take place on 17 September 2023 at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Centre (former Camp Kigali), starting from 2pm.

During the fundraising event, the Choir will perform alongside its junior choir and the event will be broadcast live to engage those in remote places.

“The show is well-prepared in a special way and will feature various activities including plays and performances,’ Rene Songa, Custodian, Music Director, and Production Coordinator of the Choir, said, encouraging everyone to come with an offering to support the project.

Songa explained that the concert was named, ‘Umubyeyi Remera’ (Mother Remera) because Seventh Day Adventist Church Remera has been a mother church to different parishes such as Kabeza, Bibare and Nyabisindu.

“This is a time when all churches that originated from Remera are encouraged to give back to the mother church. Ambassadors of Christ have been supportive to others in their projects, and this time the choir invites everyone to support the project designed to build their church. There is a hope that the project will be completed successfully through our unity.

“Many people were nurtured at Remera church. Some are still in the country while others are abroad. Now, the church needs their support to upgrade its old buildings. Everyone’s support is needed to meet the budget,” he highlighted.  

Ambassadors of Christ choir recently concluded a five-day trip in Zambia, where the choir was engaged in fundraising events to help those in need.

 The choir shared official codes where support can be delivered:

CFMS Code: *517*2*60276*0284830*6*amount#

Momo Code: *182*8*1*031417*amount#

Momo & World Remit: +250789794592 (Reuben Muvunyi).