Gospel singer Josh Ishimwe believes for ‘God’s manifestation’ during upcoming concert

Fast-rising gospel artiste Josh Ishimwe has shared his trust and expectations towards his highly anticipated concert, saying that the event will bring out the ‘manifestation of God.’

Titled, ‘Ibisiginzo bya Nyiribiremwa,’ the live show is slated for August 20, at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (former Camp Kigali) starting from 5pm.

Addressing the press on Thursday, August 17, 2023, the artiste expressed his gratitude about the preparations of the event which he said were going well, adding that the upcoming event will be memorable to concertgoers for the presence of God will prevail.

The 23-year-old singer is known for his songs in Gakondo genre like Reka ndate Imana Data, Amasezerano, Rumuri Rutazima, Imana Iraduteturuye among others.

Ishimwe explained that he decided to focus on Gakondo style because he loves Rwandan culture and is eager to see the style preserved.

Also, he was motivated by the fact that few gospel artistes were doing this genre professionally and decided to embark on it and preach the Good News of Christ using this genre.

Ishimwe shed light on mixing songs of other churches, saying that serving God has no boundaries.

The artiste is a member of ADEPR-Samuduha in Kabeza.

The mega concert will be graced by local renowned choirs including Alarm Ministries and Christus Regnat choir.

To be part of the event, people can buy their tickets online at www.eventixr.com. Entrance fee is Rwf 5,000 for regular, Rwf 10,000 for premium, Rwf 15,000 for VIP and Rwf 20,000 for VVIP. There is also a table of 5 people worth Rwf 250,000.