Anglican Church: Over 700 Mothers’ Union leaders meet in Kigali

A total of 700 representatives from Mothers’ Unions and pastors’ wives in 13 Anglican Church dioceses are set to convene in Kigali for a three-day gathering which will run from 18-20 August 2023.

The gathering’s theme reflects on Esther’s role in using her position to rescue her tribe as it is written in the book of Esther 4:14.

The gathering was designed to give mothers more space to discuss topics concerning families such as parenting, unwanted pregnancies, and divorces, among others in order to put in place possible measures addressing them.

The Archbishop of the Anglican church of Rwanda, Dr Laurent Mbanda, officiated the opening ceremony on Friday at East African Christian College in Kabuga, Kicukiro District, highlighting the role of mothers in building the church, healthy families and the country in general.

“The church is blessed to have powerful, precious and Godly chosen mothers. Any success of a pastor is linked to a good wife. Our success is impossible without your support,” Mbanda pointed.

Mbanda wondered where he would be without the support of his wife, adding that without peace and complementarity, the work to service becomes impossible.

He went on to inform the participants that God called and positioned them to play a role in bringing changes in families, society and church as well.

Mbanda urged mothers participating in the gathering to use this opportunity to think about themselves and come up with remarkable commitments that will help them support their husbands and raise healthy children. He also stressed their contribution in raising children being cared for under the church- through the over 600 Early Childhood Development ( ECD) Centers owned by the church. 

The president of Mothers’ Union countrywide Chantal Mbanda reminded fellow mothers that each one has a responsibility to bring changes in different spheres.

“There is a reason why you hold these positions. Let’s use such opportunities,” the president noted.

Referring to the Bible, the president said that Esther was highly committed and determined, urging women to learn from her courage and determination.

“Let’s speak out and be active in the development of the church. God wants us to get out of our comfort zones and step up to play our role in the progress of the nation as well. Mothers should be change-makers,” she added.


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