Chorale de Kigali hosts special mass in celebration of Assumption Day

Chorale de Kigali, one of Rwanda’s most celebrated choirs, hosted a special mass to mark Assumption Day and celebrate its 57th anniversary.

The celebration took place at St. Michel Cathedral on Tuesday, August 15 from 11 am, the same day when Roman Catholic churches hold prayers to celebrate Assumption Day-the day of observance of ascension to heaven of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

For Chorale de Kigali, this special day is to be celebrated in colours. The choir chose to celebrate their anniversary on this particular day as a sign of obedience and ‘thirst’ for the intercession of the ever-Virgin.

“We do know that the Choir was founded in 1966, but we do not know the exact date. Therefore, the founding members chose to coincide with Assumption Day and the Choir’s anniversary date,” Jean Claude Hodari, the Choir’s President explained.

Hodari said every year they hold a holy mass to observe Assumption Day and celebrate its anniversary. He added that this year was unique because after the mass, the Choir organised a party to celebrate with Christians.

“Before, we would celebrate and share something between ourselves (the singers). This year, we have decided to share with Christians as well,” he noted.

The mass will be broadcast live on YouTube, allowing fans and friends around the world to participate.

Hodari also pointed out that the Choir’s anniversary is meant to reflect on success, and every year, there is progress to celebrate.

On the occasion of its 57th anniversary, the celebrations will focus on the Choir’s existence and smooth operation.

“We are very happy that the Choir still exists and operates. Today, we are strong,” the President added.

To date, the Choir has more than 180 members, including those in the diaspora and 80 active singers.

Hodari took the opportunity to wish all Choir fans and Catholics a faithful and happy Assumption Day, adding that the day should reflect Mary’s humble and loving character.