“Your future is better than your past” Nigerian singer Sinach

Nigerian gospel singer Osinachi Kalu-Egbu, popularly known as Sinach, said that a future of a believer is better than their past, because Jesus made us free and brand new 2000 years ago when He finished the work to redeem the world.

Sinach was a guest worshipper at the 11th edition of the All Women Together conference which was held in Kigali from August 8 to 11 under the theme “From Victims to Champions.” The event brought together more than 5,000 people from different backgrounds worldwide.

All Women Together is organized by Women Foundation Ministries and was initiated by Apostle Alice Mignonne Kabera.

Before she took the congregation into extensive worship, an award-winning gospel artiste shared what God had put in her heart on the way to Kigali.

She first referred to the words of God preached during the conference, saying that a lot has been said and it’s up to everyone to let them be effective in their lives.

Sinach said there are a lot of identities in today’s world, but Christians need to know who they are in Jesus Christ.

“How do you know who you are? She asked. 

The singer responded that the word of God is the mirror. “When you look at the word, you see yourself the way God says you are. As you look into the word, you keep changing.”

Sinach read 2 Kings 4 where the scripture talks about the story of the widow whose husband died, leaving a lot of debts that she couldn’t repay. Fortunately, she met a prophet of God who saved her.  

“Sometimes, many people say their time is over or somebody may tell you your time is over. Especially women hear it a lot like you are old now, your time is over…..,” she pointed out, adding that the seasons may pass but Christians are like a tree planted on the riverside that bears fruits in all seasons.

“God has told me to tell you that it’s not over. As long as you have your vessel ready, the Lord is willing to pour, and pour and pour and pour….. Be ready for the overflow in your marriage, children,” she said.

She asked everyone to decree upon their lives new changes, saying that it’s written that we shall decree things and shall be established in the name of Jesus.


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