‘Develop a spirit of resilience’ – Pr Jessica Kayanja encourages women at All Women Together Conference

Pastor Jessica Kayanja, wife to Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral- a megachurch in Kampala, has encouraged women to develop a spirit of resilience and never allow seasons to put off their potential and life purposes. 

Pr Kayanja was addressing over 5000 people who gathered at the Kigali Convention Centre on Friday, August 11 ahead of a closing ceremony of a four-day international conference, All Women Together, which was held in Kigali from August 8 to 11.

The 11th edition of the conference was held under the theme: “From Victims to Champions.”

In her sermon based on the book of Genesis 50: 19-20 about the story of Joseph who was sold by his brothers to become a slave but later got promoted to the highest office in the same land to become a blessing to his brothers, Pr Kayanja highlighted that whatever the devil made for evil, God has the ability to turn it into good.

The preacher emphasised that only through resilience and discovery of purpose may one overcome obstacles and leave a lasting legacy.

“At any place of pain or turmoil, there is a purpose or discovery hidden. Regardless of whatever anybody might be going through, take time to discover what purpose, destiny or promotion that is hidden in your circumstance because whatever the devil makes for evil God can turn it into good,” she pointed out.

She went ahead to share that although the devil planned evil for Rwanda, the resilience of Rwandans has changed the story.

“What people were saying about Rwanda has changed. It’s no longer a place of pain and tears. It’s no longer a house of mourning but Rwanda is one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent,” she noted.

Pr Kayanja added: “Rwandans chose to see purpose in pain, look for transformation and today everywhere around the world people are talking about visiting Rwanda for tourism and that it is the safest place to go. Surely, what the devil meant for evil, God turned it into good.”

She continued to give more examples of people in the Bible who shined over their difficulties to become champions such as Jesus Himself, Paul, and Moses.

“When you develop resilience and stand in the will of God, it does not matter what people say because God can turn negativity into positivity. You may feel lonely, and abandoned, but use such a season to reflect, innovate and discover your purpose because in times of difficulties, you may create a legacy,” Kayanja added.

She gave another example of how Paul, in his imprisonment, wrote letters we have today because he discovered his life purpose.

She encouraged women to exploit every opportunity in the country and never be discouraged by circumstances.