Rwandan gospel star Prosper Nkomezi set for live concert in Mbarara City

Rwandan gospel musician, Prosper Nkomezi, will perform for the first time in the city of Mbarara, Uganda during an evening of “praise and worship.”

Slated for August 11 from 4 pm to 8:30 pm at Las Vegas Hotel, the event was organised in response to repeated requests from Mbarara people who were eager to worship with him, Nkomezi said.

“It’s an honor to see people of different languages interested in worshiping with you. It means the messages in our songs touch their spirit. I expect to see the power of God being revealed as we worship,” he noted.

The artiste revealed that preparatory work for the event is underway and hopes to satisfy the hearts of the attendees through worship.

Although the event is a ‘one-man show,’ a number of artistes from the City of Mbarara will perform.

“This worship moment allows for deeper fellowship with God. If a patient comes and believes, they will never go back as before,” the artiste added.

Nkomezi disclosed that he is busy working on his third album and will host a mega concert in Kigali before the end of the year, adding that more details will be announced later.

In January and May of last year (2022), Nkomezi was on an evangelical tour in Burundi and Kenya where he performed in a series of live shows.

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Prosper Nkomezi is today one of the country’s best gospel artistes and his songs appeal to a wider audience in the region and abroad.

He began his solo music career in 2017 and has released two albums to date. The artiste is currently working on his latest third album.

His popular songs include Urarinzwe, Sinzahwema, Humura, Ibasha Gukora, and Amaraso yawe, among others.

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