Wells Salvation Church Rwanda to host mega conference to address world issues

Wells Salvation Church Rwanda is making final preparations for a six-day gathering designed to equip and encourage believers to stand up and take action to solve the most pressing world problems.

The event titled “Rwanda Shine 2023 gathering,” will be held from August 2- 6 at the church in Kimironko sector, Gasabo District.

Charles Mukiza, the spokesperson for Wells Salvation Church Rwanda, said that Rwanda Shine 2023 gathering is an opportunity to bring on board people from different denominations operating in Rwanda and in the region to discuss ways to engage Christians in finding solutions to world problems that affect all categories of people.

Mukiza explained that the main goal of the gathering is to remind believers that they are the light of the world and challenge them to respond to God’s calling to rise up and shine the light of righteousness in this oppressive age.

The Christian community will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to be true reflectors of God’s light. Again, the event will enable participants to take an in-depth look at the barriers that prevent believers from rising and shining to find solutions to the world’s problems.

Mukiza referred to the verse in Matthew 5:14,” We are the light of the world,” emphasizing the need to mobilise churches to stand up and be a light to the world and find solutions to pressing problems.

Various groups of people including Bishops, business people, youth, and families will benefit from various sessions such as special workshops, seminars, counseling, and congregational gatherings.

The event will be graced by amazing and anointed speakers including the host Bishop Douglas Kigabo, Pastor Hortence Mazimpaka, Dr Samuel Byiringiro, Bishop Fidele Masengo, Pastor David Rutanga, Dr. Rev.Nagaju Muke, Pastor Desire Habyarimana and Evangelist Vincent Safari.

In addition, there will be a number of gospel musicians: Rehoboth Ministries, El-Shaddai, Joyous Melody Foursquare, Alarm Ministries, Injili Bora, and Gisubizo Ministries.

Wells Salvation Church operates on three continents: America, Europe, and Africa. Its mission is to proclaim the good news of Christ to the world.

The church began operating in Rwanda back in 2010 and it is the first time to host such a conference which has been hosted in other continents. 


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