US-based Vessels of Praise releases new video song ‘Ngusingize’

BCC Vessels of Praise, a group of talented worshippers based in the United States of America, recently released the third song, expressing their heartfelt thanks to God for His grace and love in granting them a new identity in Jesus Christ.

According to the team’s leader Tharcisse Dudu Byinshi, the new song conveys a message of gratitude, adding that they plan to release more songs, at least three songs per year.  

“I come here with a grateful heart to celebrate your great deeds. Grant me the privilege to praise You, for you alone deserve it. Lord, you have saved me and made me a new creation. You no longer call me a slave, for you have declared me your friend,” the lyrics read.  

Byinshi added: “We also plan to release an audio-visual album and organise evangelical tours and live music concerts.” At the end of October, Vessels of Praise will host a worship event in Arizona.

Vessels of Praise team was founded in 1997 as ‘Voice of Angels,’ but later changed its name to ‘Vessels of Praise’ around 2011.

Their products ‘Nzaririmba Ishimwe’ and ‘Intsinzi Yacu ’ have attracted many people for their fervent lyrics.

To date, Vessels of Praise consists of 36 anointed and talented musicians and is based at the Bethel Christian Center.

Byinshi explained that anyone who wants to join the team should be a Christian with a talent for singing or playing an instrument.