PHOTOS: US-based True Promises Ministries’ branch launched

The fifth branch of True Promises Ministries – one of the best gospel music groups in Rwanda, was launched on Sunday, July 23, 2023 during a live concert held in Phoenix AZ, USA.

The new branch was established as a result of the increase in the number of the team’s founding members moving to the United States. A total of 40 members from different states have already joined.

During the launch, Missionary Danny Ndasumbwa, the legal representative of True Promises Ministries’ US branch, said that the team’s vision is beyond singing and dancing.

“We thank God for this day. It’s been so long since we started planning to launch True Promises Ministries’ branch in America. We tried but did not succeed. Today, we are very grateful that what we have planned for at least seven years has become successful,” he noted.

He shared that it’s now almost 15 years since True Promises Ministries was established.

“I was there on the first day. There were nine of us. Over 15 years, the ministry has evidently grown to almost 500 members worldwide,” he testified.

Ndasumbwa added: “ We start a new journey on this day. We need everyone’s support. We belong to different denominations and we value our respective churches and their programmes. Our vision is beyond singing and dancing, we have a responsibility to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.”

He disclosed that in 2025, the US branch in partnership with other branches, will host an evangelical crusade in Kigali.

Ndasumbwa thanked all members for their heroism as they invested much effort in the preparations of the launch.

Additionally, Ndasumbwa thanked God for blessing his family with twins.

Praying for True Promises US members, Pastor Mucyuranyana of Hope of Life International church requested them to start composing English songs as well as translating their Kinyarwanda songs into English.

“Remember that we are in America, I urge you to translate the songs in English to help those who can’t understand Kinyarwanda. We thank God for giving knowledge. The world needs us, specifically America. We have a responsibility to impact them with our songs. Leave your comfort zone and start composing English songs to heal Americans. They need Christ. I have a burden for America, I pray that God enables us to evangelise to Americans,” Mucyuranyana added.

The event was graced by Abanaziri US and Frank among other singers.

True Promises Ministries began in 2009 and has released four albums to date. In addition, the team has ministered at different events in the country and the region as well. As a result, branches were established in Bujumbura, Nairobi and the UK as part of spreading the good news to many.

In 2019, the team hosted South African Legend Bishop Benjamin Dube, at a live cncert in Kigali.

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