Hundreds revived at ‘Guma Mu Masezerano’ revival conference.

Gospel artiste and Evangelist Gasana Mutesi, Founder and leader of Goshen Revival Ministries – a non-denominational ministry with the aim to spread the gospel of Christ to the world, alongside other renowned Apostles and Evangelists shared impacful and transformative messages to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to hundreds attending the three-day revival conference. 

The conference was held on 21-23 July 2023 and was organised by Goshen Revival Ministries in partnership with Successful Christian Ministry in Ndera, Gasabo district, with the theme of ‘keeping promise.”

Among the many speakers who spoke at the revival conference were Apostle Saturday Ntambara, Apostle James Mukisa, Pastor Baton Vanantia and gospel journalist Jado Fils.

Every day, hundreds of people gathered to hear the word of God, encounter Jesus, and renew their hope.

As he launched the conference, Apostle Ntambara Saturday urged the congregation to strive for good deeds, always recognise the good deeds of others and avoid doing any evil.

Ntambara explained that revival begins with the fruit of the Spirit, and kindness is one of them.

Jado fils pointed out that there is no age limit for serving God and that everyone needs to be constantly renewed in spirit to remain faithful on this journey.

The conference was a season of grace and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Many accepted Christ and restored hope.

Gasana Mutesi, founder of Goshen Revival Ministries, said: “ I am always full of Joy for the salvation of souls and my ministry is to reconcile people to Christ, so even if one is born again, I am happy and thankful for God’s grace.”

Pastor Baton praised Goshen Revival Ministries for serving the people with God’s word.

Apostle Mukisa, who came all the way from Uganda, said he was grateful for the opportunity that had enabled many people to accept Christ.