James and Daniella gear up for music tour in Europe

Popular gospel duo, James and Daniella Rugarama, are gearing up for a European tour as part of their continued journey to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through their uplifting songs.

 In the nearly five years since the worshippers transitioned into a duo, their music has been on the rise and captured the hearts of many people around the world. Their songs are played anywhere from places of worship, concerts, public buses, private cars, or even in bars.

Gospel music lovers in Europe, Rwandans in particular, have reason to be excited about the duo’s tour on the continent.

 In Europe, James and Daniella will host a series of live shows across the continent on July 1 in Finland, July 8 in Sweden, July 15 in Germany, July 23 in Lion (to be confirmed), July 29 in Denmark, and August 5 in Belgium.

This is the duo’s second musical tour on the continent.

 Rugarama believes that reaching a wider audience, especially in Europe, is a blessing.

 “People living in Europe long for the gospel. They love our genre of music. They always follow music and sermons in Rwanda,” he said.

 The duo will work with other popular worshippers living on the continent, such as Fortran Bigirimana, Elise  Bigirimana, and Keilla Gahimbare.

 “We realize that our time in this world is limited. Therefore, we should make good use of our time to share the good news with the world,” Rugarama added.

He called on everyone on the continent not to miss this opportunity to worship and praise the Lord.

Regarding the duo’s future plans, Rugarama said they are working on evangelism projects and are ready to go wherever God sends them in the world.

The duo recently released their third album titled, Ibyiringiro, featuring songs in three languages: Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili and English, which are Barihe, ku bw’Umusaraba, Kristo Wenyine, Lord God Almighty, Mu gitabo, Nimeokoka, and Apumzike moyoni.

It was explained that the songs on the new album carry a message of hope to strengthen believers.

The album is accessible through streaming service provider, ABA TV, which offers live and on-demand content such as movies, gospel music videos, TV series, and documentaries and will be available on the couple’s YouTube channel later.

Some of their other popular songs include Mpa Amavuta, Narakijijwe, Nzakugezayo, Three in One, Isezerano, Nkoresha and My hope among others.



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