America: Revival and Reconciliation Church in two-day evangelism crusade

Revival and Reconciliation Church has organised a two-day crusade as part of its mission to spread the good news of Christ in different States of America.

Since 2017, Revival and Reconciliation church has been guided by Luke 10:1-2 in fulfilling its mission.

Eric Ndagijimana, Senior Pastor of Revival and Reconciliation church said this is a time when God calls everyone in the church to proclaim the gospel of Christ and pray for revival and reunion between God and His people, because no matter how far they have gone, God still loves them.

“Many people turn a blind eye to the gospel of Christ, as opposed to when they first became enthusiastic about it. Our church is committed to prayer for revival,” he noted.

In this regard, the church will hold a two-day evangelism crusade in Lexington, Kentucky from 15-16 July, with the theme taken from  John 9:4 ‘I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

Various artistes, worship teams and evangelists are expected to grace the event. Among them are US based Rwandan artiste Gentil Bigizi, Urukundo Ministry, Ebenezer Ministry, Hope choir, and Abayumbe Kentucky.

Rev. Donatien (USA), Bishop John (USA), Ev. Charles (France), Pastor Innocent (USA), Pastor Kazungu (USA) and Rev. Athanase (Canada) will also grace the event.

“The crusade is an opportunity to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. We pray that many will hear the good news and believe in Christ. We believe that by spreading the word of God through anointed preachers, we can see the wonderful works of God,” Ndagijimana noted.

The church will hold three days of prayer from July 11 to 13 in preparation for the crusade.

Ndagijimana pointed out that the crusade would be a time for revival through preaching, praise and worship.

“We organised this crusade so that people’s spiritual lives should be refreshed. By the power of God, the sick get healed. We plan to organise this event every year in other states in America,” he explained.

The church also conducts evangelistic work through charitable activities, supporting orphans, widows and advocate for the voiceless in Rwanda and Uganda. The church has a plan to expand its charitable activities to other countries in the East Africa Region.

Eric Ndagijimana, Senior Pastor of Revival and Reconciliation church is the host of the crusade.