True Promises Ministries’ Kenyan branch working on debut album

The Kenyan branch of True Promises Ministries is working on its debut album, the Gospel Times has learned.

True Promises Ministries, a Rwandan gospel music group has established branches in the East African region, in countries including Burundi and Kenya.

The Kenyan branch, which was founded in 2015 and has 60 members, is continuing to work on its first album, and as part of it, they recently released a song titled “Ni bande?”  

According to Tresor Muvura, the Kenyan branch’s General Secretary their first album is titled, Msaraba and has seven songs on it.

These were recorded live at Saint Cathedral in Nairobi in February this year. The team plans to release a song every two months.

The “Ni bande” song was written by music director Desire Mubogora and was led by Tresor Nguweneza. The song tells believers that even though we are in this world, we don’t belong to it. We have our own home and the rewards are reserved for us.

True Promises Ministries is headquartered in Kigali. It has been entertaining gospel music lovers since 2009. They have performed at various festivals and venues in the country. They have four albums so far, and their products are available on various digital platforms such as YouTube (True Tunez), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music and Shazam.


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