Believers Eastern Church Rwanda donates health insurance to 1512 Bugesera residents

By Fred

As part of community transformation project, Believers Eastern Church Rwanda has paid health insurance premiums for 1512 residents of Kabuye cell, Gashora sector in Bugesera district.

The donation, worth Rwf 4,536,000, was made on Saturday, June 17 and was witnessed by His Grace Isac Mor Sthephanose Episcopa, Diocesan Bishop alongside different other church leaders, local leaders and community members.

This donation is part of a week-long activity worth Rwf 29,100,000 that the church has launched to pay health insurance premiums for 9,721 residents from four districts in the country including Kicukiro, Rutsiro, Musanze and Bugesera.

Believers Eastern Church has been carrying out major projects in Rwanda to alleviate poverty, help families break the cycle of poverty and improve children’s education to ensure their brighter future.

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In health, the church works to ensure people get basic healthcare as well as engaging in disaster relief to help people affected by natural disasters.

Among other projects include women empowerment and sanitation and clean water.

Deacon Abel Punnoose explained that members of the Believers Eastern Church Rwanda had recently visited Kabuye cell to assess living conditions of the residents, so the church promised the residents to return with donations.

He also made it clear that Believers Eastern Church Rwanda belongs to all Rwandans, not Indians, adding that the church exists to share love and enable people grow together spiritually and socially.

Fred Rurangirwa, Gashora sector Executive Secretary, commended the church’s donation. 

“ This is an extraordinary contribution. Kabuye sector would lag behind in terms of health insurance subscriptions because of the area lacks income -generating activities to help them in social and economic terms,” the executive said.

He revealed that the health insurance subscription rate for Gashora sector is 40 per cent this fiscal year.

In his address, Bishop Geevargheese Mor Makarios shared greetings from Metropolitan of Believers Eastern Church His Holiness Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan 1, adding that the Believers Eastern Church was planted in Rwanda because of Athanasius’s love for Rwanda and her people.

He noted that His Holiness Athanasius often reminded the team in Rwanda how to take care of Rwandans.

” Today, it is a special day. Believers Eastern Church is your church. We are a church that never divides people. Church is a community-based body established by Jesus. Our responsibility is to share His love with you,” he pointed out.

Bishop revealed other future projects the church plans to begin in Bugesera district, such as educating children and providing clean water .

Beneficiaries speak

Jean D’Amour Ndayisenga expressed his gratitude, saying that paying for health insurance for his 10 family members was a burden to him.

His gratitude was echoed by Xaverina Ntawizerumuryango. She explained that they always struggled to pay for health insurance for eight family members, and she felt overwhelmed by the support.

Beneficiaries presented a made in Rwanda artwork showcasing the African continent in recognition of the Believers Eastern Church’s work to transform Africa, beginning in Rwanda and especially in Kabuye.