America: Gospel singer Bienvenu Kayira releases new song thanking God for surviving road accident

Gospel singer Bievenu Kayira, who lives in America, has released a new video song thanking God for saving him and his father from a car accident.

The singer named the song Imana Ntiyatsinzwe which roughly translates as ‘God was never conquered’.

According to Kayira, the song is about his personal testimony while hospitalized after the accident.

“I had a fracture of cervical vertebra that was difficult to treat,” the singer pointed out.

The cervical vertebra protects the spinal cord and blood vessels and allows for movement.

His accident happened some years back in 2019. It was at around 4 pm on a Sunday, (December 29) while he was walking with his father when the accident happened. Luckily God saved them. As a result, the singer composed a song for thanksgiving.

Kayira told Gospel Time that he wrote the song to encourage people not to lose hope when they are struggling, as he did when he was admitted at the hospital.

“Our God is never defeated.” Kayira added: “We have to remember that we are always with a man who is capable, look up to Him and He will carry your burdens.”

In his future plan, Kayira’s goal is to release more songs as a way to reach more people.

Kayira is a gospel artiste married to Janet. He began singing in Sunday school at the age of 15 before starting to write his own songs.

He is committed to sharing the wonders of God with people through songs.

To date, he has released over 11 songs such as, “Yesu Jina Kubwa”, “Nisanze mu rukundo rwawe”, “Shimwa Yesu warakoze”, “I surrender all to you”, and “Mu muryango w’Imana” among others.


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