James and Daniella on why their concert will host a “limited number”

Gospel duo James and Daniella Rugarama have promised a wonderful moment of praise and worship at their highly anticipated mega concert scheduled for June 2 at Kigali Convention Centre starting from 6 pm.

Only 1000 gospel music lovers will join the gospel duo to experience the spirit of worship in a special way, especially those living abroad, will participate in the event online. 

On Wednesday, the duo briefed the media on the preparations for the concert, saying that gospel music lovers should expect a grand and inclusive time of worship.

Rugarama explained that initially they planned to host only 700 people, but the number was later increased to 1000, adding that hosting the limited number of people was based on their lovers’ requests.

“We thank God for enabling us to organise this evening of worship. We believe this will be an extraordinary moment of praise and worship to God through our songs. People who are in the country and abroad are buying tickets and are ready to worship with us,” Rugarama said.

The price for entrance is Rwf 15,000 for everyone and for those who can’t afford to pay the entrance fee, there will be a few free tickets.

New album

The duo recently released their third album titled, Ibyiringiro, featuring songs in three languages: Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili and English, which are Barihe, ku bw’Umusaraba, Kristo Wenyine, Lord God Almighty, Mu gitabo, Nimeokoka, and Apumzike moyoni.

The couple explained that the songs on their album carry a message of hope to strengthen believers.

The album is accessible through streaming service provider, ABA TV, which offers live and on-demand content such as movies, gospel music videos, TV series, and documentaries and will be available on the couple’s YouTube channel later.

Some of their other popular songs include Mpa Amavuta, Narakijijwe, Nzakugezayo, Three in One, Isezerano, Nkoresha and My hope among others.