“This is the right time for the gospel to be preached”- says musician Uwimana

With whatever is going on in the world right now, one can assuredly say the end times have certainly come. The wars, natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, and floods- not to mention the anti-Christ.

Many are awakened and are working for the kingdom; to ensure that God’s name be glorified.

Ernest Uwimana, an aspiring gospel artiste chose to venture into gospel music as a way of doing his part in the kingdom.

At 37, he started making gospel music, believing that this is the right time for the gospel to be preached.

“The gospel has to be preached in churches and outside. Gospel music is among the ways to preach out of the church. It might be expensive or not profitable in a tangible way but I believe God will reward us for it,” he says.

His song “Yezu Mpa Imbaraga” loosely translated as ‘Jesus, give me power’ has inspired many.

Uwimana says he has been motivated by the feedback he receives, noting that many have testified of renewing their relation with Christ.

“I am thankful for the positive feedback and the ‘congratulations’ I receive. People are testifying that they were touched by my song by renewing their fellowship with God,” he says.

Uwimana has been ministering in different choirs at school and church until 2022 when he felt the need to transition into gospel solo music.

His move was inspired by the need to make nations know the Lord, love Him, lean on His word towards transformed lives.

Growing up, Uwimana had this deep passion for music that was also inspired by his parents who are also singers and as a result, Uwimana joined choir at a young age.

He studied music as a course at Petit Seminaire St. Aloys Cyangugu in the Western Province, where he learned to play piano as well as sing.

Ceaselessly, the musician continued his singing passion even at university. He joined the University of Rwanda’s Busogo campus in Agriculture. Later, his music continued to evolve when he joined St. Michel choir at St. Michel Cathedral Kigali.   

According to Uwimana, 2022 was the right time for him to transition into solo gospel music as a calling.

“I have messages I want to tell the world: First, is to call people who turned their backs against God to come back to Him, believe in Him alone, and pray for power to overcome earthly temptations that disconnect us from His presence. The second is to let them know that God is our father and when we pray to him He listens and answers, ” he says.

Uwimana envisions developing his music to an international level to help nations know God and lean on His word. To achieve this, he plans to produce songs in different languages such as English and French.

Uwimana calls on the general public to be supportive of gospel artistes to keep their talents impacting the world.

For gospel artistes, Uwimana encourages them not to be discouraged. He advises them to be characterised by love and teamwork to resemble the message they deliver.

Uwimana lives in Kigarama village, Niboyi sector, Kicukiro district. He is a Catholic Church member who fellowships at St. Michel Cathedral. He is married to Alice Umurerwa with whom they are blessed with three children: Lucas Gael, Lise Marie Gaella and Élie Mael Ihirwe.