VIDEO: “Gospel music is my calling,” says Evangelist Gasana Mutesi

Musician, evangelist and author Gasana Mutesi ventured into gospel solo music as a calling. It was utter obedience after clear instructions from the Lord, who she says guided her into this direction.

Though Mutesi accepted Jesus as her saviour back in 2009, she only embarked on this music journey in 2020.

Her debut song, Uri Uwera-a worship song came out of a revelation she had on her way home from work, she says.

“It was around 6 pm. I heard a voice say, ‘take your phone and record.’ When I turned around, I couldn’t see anyone. I started singing and that’s where the song came from,” Mutesi explains. 

In the song, she prays for guidance in her calling. “When I reflect on this song, I find that I was preparing myself for God’s work,” she adds.

The next morning, she heard another voice tell her to go into the studio and record the song, but she was somehow suspicious since it was during lockdown. That marked the beginning of her journey.

Mutesi was raised by her grandmother, a member of the Catholic Church. Although she grew up singing in choirs, she never dreamed of becoming a musician.

In her nearly three-year career, the artiste has released nine videos and three audio songs that can be accessed on a YouTube channel called, “Nyobora TV.”

Before becoming a believer, Mutesi joined a variety of denominations, including Catholic, Seventh- Day Adventist, Protestant and, at some point, Islam. At this time, she was also an active singer in the choir.

Much as she had a religious background, her view about Christianity was a tainted one.

 “I grew up thinking all Christians were poor and I hated being poor. So, I concluded that salvation equals poverty. But when I went to Nairobi, I was surprised to see a church where Christians would travel on church-owned buses, which changed my mind,” she shares.

She has since prided in her choice of living her life as a Christian, noting that answering one call from God has led to another and she has now discovered her many talents.

 “I started preaching the gospel on the radios and in church. I also became a translator for the church.”

A member of Living Faith Word church, the artiste is an author and businesswoman who publishes and sells children’s books. She is also an evangelist and the founder of Goshen Revival Ministries, an evangelistic group that proclaims the good news of Christ by working with churches to organise crusades.   

 Her role models include First Lady of Rwanda, Mrs Jeannette Kagame and Joyce Meyer, the famous Charismatic Christian author and speaker in the United States of America.

“Every child has a dream. For me, I have a caring heart and I am glad what I do relates to that. Today, I am who I am because I have the example I look up to,” she notes.

For the future of music, she believes that who started the good work and called her will help make new music, as she is inspired by revelation.

For other gospel musicians, Mutesi says everyone needs to pray so that they produce songs that bring people to Christ by repenting of their sins.

“Our inspiration should come from the Bible. We need to pray and let the Holy Spirit inspire us to come up with songs that heal and strengthen weak and lost hearts. In addition, Christians must work hard to support those in need,”Mutesi adds.