Gospel singer Yves Rwagasore speaks out on marriage plans, second album

Worshipper Yves Rwagasore has announced the release of his second album which is expected to be completed and released by the end of this year.

In 2017, Rwagasore released his first album, entitled “Uniongoze”, comprising songs like Uniongoze, Aranzi, Yesu Uriho, Mambo, Urakwiye, Hari Ikintu Kimwe, Ndagushima and Teach me your way.

The singer also recently released a song “Asante” which conveys a message to recognise God’s marvellous works in people’s daily life. 

In an interview with the Gospel Time, Rwagasore explained that he is busy working on completing his second album which will be composed of 12 songs.

“This year I want to complete my second album and launch it. Other future activities include pursuing and promoting my music career to another level,” he noted.

Rwagasore said he is proud that his music career is improving especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, something that points to the singer’s bright future. He said he is very grateful for God to enable him and lead him in his music journey.

“I also recognise everyone’s contribution to my music career especially media,” he added.

It’s almost seven years since the artiste joined the gospel music sector in the country. Rwagasore accepted Jesus as his saviour in 2009. He started doing gospel music in 2016, and since then, he has been organising special worship moments as well as releasing fervent songs about salvation. 

Marriage is also among the singer’s future plans, as he revealed.

“There is also a plan to marry.  I can’t openly confirm that it will happen this year, but I believe it won’t be long,” he added.

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